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Recent HowTos

Configuring Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on a Toshiba 2410 Laptop
How to install and configure Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on a Toshiba 2410 Laptop. Covers issues such as Netgear WG511T Configuration and XGL Configuration with an NVidia GeForce4 420 Go graphics card
Configuring MySQL Replication Service
A step by step tutorial on configuring MySQL 4.x or 5.x's replication service for redundancy & unattended backup of an entire MySQL repository or specific databases.
Resetting Oracle EMS SYSMAN Account Password
A step by step tutorial on resetting Oracle Enterprise Manager's superuser account (SYSMAN by default) in those cases when its been a while since you've logged into that particular account.

Recent Classroom Notes

POSIX Threads Primer
Threads are fun to work with! But a pain in the back side to start programming in for most. However there usefulness far outweighs the minor inconvenience of the convoluted syntax sometimes involved. A brief explanation & overview of threads.
Algorithms: Iterative vs. Recursive
The foundation of any algorithmic concept in computer science is the understanding and differentiation between an iterative algorithm and a recursive one. This document briefly touches on the differences between these two types.
A Brief Introduction to Linux & the BASH shell
This document gives Linux newbies the breakdown on some day to day and not so commonly useful commands available in POSIX compliant OSes mainly the Open Source type, like Linux.

Recent Papers & Presentations

An Improved Quorum Selection Algorithm (IQSA)
As communication becomes more and more an integral part of our day to day lives, so our need to access information increases as well. Mobility is currently one of the most important factors to consider in our aim to achieve ubiquitous computing, and with it rises the problem of how to manipulate data while maintaining consistency and integrity. Recent years have seen tremendous interest in quorum systems adapted to mobile hosts; however, the more recent topic, of studying the effects of mobile networks on quorum systems, has also been the focus of interest for building quorums aware of their network surroundings. This paper presents a novel approach in selecting mobile hosts to form epidemic quorum coteries, based on metrics measured by mobile hosts and then transmitted to Base Station servers. The BS constantly maintains a vigil on the state of these mobile hosts to provide higher quorum availability and ultimately higher data accessibility, better integrity and consistency.
Bayesian Classifiers
Gives a brief overview on Bayesian classifiers, essential concepts in Data Mining, and extensively used in Spam detection and classification. Bayesian rules are the most commonly used in handling general classification problems.
Computer Networks: Socket Programming
A small paper describing the basics of Berkeley style socket programming. Examples based on Douglas Comer's excellent book "Computer Networks"