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Student Affairs Website and Administration Panel

This was the second major project which myself and a group of three others have undertook to work on. This project involved the coordination of tasks among graphic design requirement, programmatic logic as well as accessibility and other social and technical requirements to allow information access to the broadest possible audience, without sacrificing usability or attractiveness.

The site comprised of two branches:
- An HTML, PHP, CFM branch with standard web content and dynamic scripting languages

- A Flash and CFM. XML branch to provide leading interactivity with backend dynamic information processing. The flash based branche also comes with a help support site to acquaint users with the various features of that branch.

Given the dynamic nature of the information on the site, we also provided every office director under the student affairs the ability to update their content and other relevant sections through a custom built secure panel. The panel also features image gallery aintenance tasks and server side graphics manipulation using GD 2.0, XML schema updating or Flash content updates and other maintenance and monitoring tasks.

This website was developed using PHP 4.0 scripting language, MySQL 4.1, Coldfusion 6.1, Flash MX 2004 as the data repository and Apache as the hosting webserver. Dont you just like solutions that really work!

Here are some thumbnail pictures of the website. You can also visit the site at http://studentaffairs.lau.edu.lb