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One of the first boxes I have set up running the Debian Linux Distro. This was a standalone box hosting the student affairs website panel, applications and supporting servers.

The box was secured and locked down for use in LAU's DMZ. The website and web application are hosted on Apache web server and a supporting JRun - Coldfusion server for some specific modules.

Stats and Monitoring packages such as logcheck and awstats were also installed to monitor activity on the box as well as collect statistics on user trends and site usage.

Integrity checking was also implemented by setting up tripwire, and all access and transactions to the box is done through a secure connection using OpenSSH.

PHP 4 and MySQL 4.1 were also installed and configured for online use, using the security guidelines outlined by both packages. PEAR and GD support were also installed & configured for PHP.


Debian Linux LogoThe Apache Project HTTP Server, Logo Copyright to the Apache FoundationGD Package for PHP, Logo Copyright of Boutell.com
PEAR PHP ExtensionsPHP Hypertext Preprocessor, Logo Copyright of php.net MySQL DBMS, Logo Copyright of MySQL