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Guidance Office Student Tracking Web Application

A challenging project which I designed and developed for the LAU Guidance Office. It allows the various bodies of the Guidance Office to track relevant student information relevant to each body and also share information amongst themselves when need be.

It features the obvious and not so obvious security mechanism given the sensitive nature of the data and allows the multiple end users to login, organize and post comments and notes, search student records, organize contact information and contact groups, a built-in email application, an Administrator panel for managing user, audit logs and other critical system components to name a few features. This project took almost 8 months of research and development before finally entering into service Fall 05-06.

This application was developed using PHP 4.0 scripting language, MySQL 4.1 as the data repository and Apache as the hosting webserver. Don't you just like solutions that really work!

Here are some thumbnail pictures of the application: