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As part of an effort to improve the services provided by LAU's CS department, myself and a good friend of mine Mr. Bassam Zantout were both contracted by the department Chairman at the time Dr. Ramzi Haraty to perform a study and implementation of a complete package of hardware and software services that would bring the most recent technology to LAU CS students.

As part of this effort, proposals on required hardware platforms and software necessary to maintain and run chosen services, were drafted, approved and purchased.

Setup and Configuration of these platforms as well as the installation and configuration of maintenance and student services were also carried out by myself and Bassam and included a complete network infrastructure study, a battery of online services such as per student personalized portal, course support sites, a complete custom written security policy, per user account on both Linux Domains and Windows Domains with a custom built single sign on solution from both MS Windows and Linux, and transparent access to account files and quota management. Patch management and Systems' monitoring were also essential as part of the maintenance plan drafted for the system.

Hardware specs included a blade server rack from IBM as well a hybrid NAS/SAN storage rack.

Software included various Linux distros most notable Debian Linux and Suse Linux Enterprise and Desktop versions, Oracle, MySQL, comprehensive security, patch management & anti-viral solutions.

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