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Admissions Interactive CD

This is one of the most fun projects I've had to work on, which required a lot of teamwork to pull off. Fortunatly I had an excellent team working with me, to which end I would like take the opportunity to thank the following people without whom this project (in all its versions) would never have seen the light with the time contraints required: Mr. Elie Abou Faysal, Mr. Ahmad Ajouz, Mr. Mustafa Al Mufti & Ms. Zena Sharaf, thank you very much guys for all the effort and sleepless nights to pull this off.

The CD was designed to be used during the university recruitment which is performed by the admissions office. It is meant as a tool to introduce potential students to the university, its facilities, rules and regulations and other useful information which may also serve them if they become students at that institution.

Basically what went into this CD isa lot of 3D modeling and design, a LOT of interface design and a whole lot more Flash Action scripting and Director Lingo programming which obviously run under the hood of the shiny application.

This application was developed using Flash MX 2004, Director MX 2004 , 3D Studio MAX 5 in the intial version of the CD and Maya 7 in the latest release.

Here are some thumbnail pictures of the interactive CD: