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LAU Beirut Campus Terrain Model & Building Texturing

Definitely one of the more exciting projects that I've had to work on. These models were designed to be used with the new version of LAU's Admissions Interactive CD. Given my background in CAD software, mainly AutoCAD, and 3D modeling software: Maya 3D and 3D Studio MAX, the goal was to model as closely as possible the campus with its buildings and landmarks so that the model may be used as reference for new students.

The terrain was completed along with some extra features which include 3D trees, and other more mundane items available on campus, such as benches, trash cans, and our famous middle campus clock.

Along with my good friend and colleague Mr. Mustafa Al Mufti (Who modeled the buildings) we integrated the building models with the campus terrain and added the necessary textures and lighting required to get a closely realistic model .

The models were developed using Maya 7 ®

Campus OverviewOrme Gray Hall ViewSage Hall View