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This sections covers most of the corporate & freelance work I've completed along with a description of technologies used to achieve them.

Technologies and packages used were chosen with care to match and scale with the requirements of the project at hand on one end, as well as the business & budgetary constraints from another.

All software projects were developed using a software lifecycle model appropriate for that particular project, including documentation and post development support and training of the end user(s) on the use of these systems.

Teamwork and communication were other essential aspects of projects, in so far as deadlines and proper conformance to standards and best practices are concerned. And as such negotiation skills are paramount to the proper progression of any project involving individuals who are both directly and indirectly invovled in any project.

As far as development platforms are concerned, usually the choice boils down to what would deliver the most robust and reliable infrastructure or tools for achieving a given project. Although my preferences often gravitate to Linux as a web hosting and security platform, for various reasons I wont discuss here, I'm also quite familiar with Microsoft old a recent technologies such as their .NET platform.