About the Site and Author

The main purpose of this, like so many others is to serve as a platform for sharing my passions and interests with the rest of the world.

The colors and design elements were inspired by my fascination for far eastern culture and traditions, specifically Zen customs and traditions.
The picture in the header is actually a cropped part of a Japanese Zen Garden which usually adorns Buddhist temples and consists of racked gravel in a pattern (circular in this case), water, rocks, and plants.

They also serve to facilitate communion with nature allowing meditators to reach a higher state of spirituality.

Samer is currently working at Solidere. His interests include among others reading, soccer and a newly acquired taste for nature hiking!

He also works as a Linux Systems Administrator his other passion, and is a very strong proponent of the Open Source initiative. He believes that “Free Knowledge for all” should be everyone’s motto.

If you’d like to drop a few lines of comments, offers or just plain ranting, just send him an email from here.

Enjoy your stay!