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Well during the past week or so, I did get to upgrade my web photo gallery without a hitch, finished and delivered my first major website development for Solidere International and had to relive all the crap we thought, as Lebanese, had put behind at the beginning of the 90s. Funny how short the collective memory is. Suddenly the factions killing each other look back at the civil war days as some epic battle of the brave, forgetting the rampage and devastation they had left in their wake. Never again, everyone cried out, and here we are 17 years after the last bullets were fired during our 17 years civil war, back at it again. It seems we have a particular affinity to the number 17, as it seems to stands for our collective memory retention time span. Ironic, hardly, disgusting, most emphatically. Living through one war was tough enough, reliving it again! I’ll be damned if I do. Enough said!

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