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The bane of Malware bites

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

A few days ago just out of the blue I find my Desktop acting up strangely. Sluggish response time, browsers
crashing every so often, network disconnections. Although I’d usually jump to the obvious conclusion that this could be the work of some rogue program running around my computer, I dismissed the idea given the amount of protection I’ve already had in place. After much registry rummaging, and Googling, I finally stumbled on a small piece of software called MalwareBytes, which found the presence of the lovely Vundo trojan. Now that’s one nasty trojan by any measure, given the way it hooks into the system attaching itself to key Windows processes, all that without a whisper from my trusty Node32 Antivirus program. So I finally gave in to the obvious and went shopping for a reliable Spyware solution to run alongside my Antivirus for extra reliability. My choice … SpySweeper, which had the real-time protection features needed as well as an excellent feature list with a very acceptable price tag.

Needless to say that the pesky Vundo trojan was finally smoked and cleaned out of my system.

Recommendation: Either an antivirus or spy/ad ware solution will not cut it alone, expecially if constantly connected to the Internet, a good combination of both should make for some peace of mind!