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Beirut Traffic

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Driving should usually be a pleasant thing to do sometimes or at the very least an organized and uneventful (hopefully) every day act for those who commute to work.

I’ve recently started a new job which breaks my cushy 30 second walk to my old job from home, and turned it into a nerve wrecking adrenaline pumping, foul mouthed (I still got a couple of adjectives to add here but will abstain for the moment), almost surreal experience of driving in Lebanon. I guess after 4 years of walking to work one tends to forget just how frustrating it is driving here.

Just a side note (Skip if Lebanese or otherwise have driven in Lebanon) for those non-Lebanese who read this and dont know what its like driving in Lebanon they’re probably wondering: “Well! we have that too!”, you can trust me when I say you have to be in it to believe it and then its even worse than what you think!

Honking, cursing, turning, stopping in the middle of the road, silly traffic cops obnoxious cas with weird swerving routines that will leave you panting afterwards, road rage (and I dont mean a couple of people, like literaly everyone on the road, including myself – can you blame me!) stupid motoryclists that will jump in front of your moving car as if the riders had a constant death wish, all those things (and I’m sure I left out some) give driving in Lebanon a very particular and palpable taste: kind of tangy on the bitter side.

And people constantly ask themselves why this happens, not taking notice that they themsleves are the very cause of what has befallen them. Everyone’s the big honcho on road. Traffic lights, traffic signs, “Ha! They’re definetly not meant for us and who’s to tell us how to drive”.
Lebanese Phrase: “Zee7o min el darreb baddi sou2”