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Work Experience

September 2007 – Now | Solidere | Beirut

Systems Integrator / Web Developer / Webmaster


Developing Solidere's multimedia and online mediums, in accordance with the company's business strategies.

April 2007 – Sept. 2007 | Lebanese American University | Beirut (Part Time)

Project Planner / Webmaster


Developing and maintaining the new student affairs website and server. Planning the deployment of LAU’s new digital signage system.

Achieved Goals:

Deployment of the new student affairs website, with dynamic news content, controlled by the designated directors of offices under the student affairs, dynamic web gallery for with support for content federation. Also a new secure control panel for managing news items and auditing has been developed to keep track of changes made to the site.

October 2006 - March 2007| P-Group s.a.l (Offshore) | Beirut

Senior Systems Administrator


Planning and maintaining Operating systems and Support Systems infrastructures for VoIP and ISP services.

Achieved Goals:

Implementation of ISP level services such as DNS, web servers, database systems (MySQL & Oracle) and hosting solutions (Cpanel) in Open Source Environments (Linux).

Optimizing and managing the above services, for high throughput, as well as setting strict security measures, and monitoring capabilities insuring the proper functioning of the systems.

Tying in the business requirements with the systems’ technical requirements in terms of projection growth and usage, as well as the creation of new classes of services based on the currently deployed sets.

2002 - October 2006 | Lebanese American University | Beirut

Project Co-Planner and Chief Implementer
Webmaster / Web Developer


Planning, designing, implementing and maintaining projects that will help the Lebanese American University Student Affairs Offices to improve its student services and image by providing the most recent technology in Web and Multimedia mediums.

Achieved Goals:

Streamlined per office information update through a custom made web back office maintenance application. The site also featured Flash Remoting PHP and Coldfusion modules development with MySQL databases as data repositories.

Developed Student tracking web application for computerizing the Guidance Office and improving student/staff interaction as well as a serve as a groupware solution for the various office staff.

Admissions Interactive CD used a promotional material for potential student recruitment at the Lebanese American University.

Configuring & Maintaining the Student Affairs server including but not limited to Operating System maintenance, web servers maintenance and supporting applications installation and configuration.

2004-February 2006 | Lebanese American University | Beirut

Systems Administrator and Systems Architect


Design, Configuration and Implementation of the new Hybrid Network and Systems infrastructure and services of the Division of Computer Science and Mathematics Computer Labs.

Achieved Goals:

Finalized Plans for the systems, network and services infrastructure. Wrote up plans and future studies for the use of the systems.

Finalized Configuration and Maintenance of the IBM xSeries Blade Servers prior to deployment.

Finalized Planning, Configuration Windows 2003 Enterprise Server Environment with Active Directory, Group Policies, DHCP, DNS and User Quotas, with redundant Backup Domain Controllers. Also a maintenance plan was set into place for follow-up and insuring the proper functioning of the system as a whole.

Deployment & Configuration of Oracle 9i on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. This task also included configuration, maintenance and security of databases and users with maximum uptime and performance.

Deployment and Configuration of IBM FastT200 Storage system configuration and maintenance. Including configuration of dual fiber channel switch with redundancy and Disc RAID configuration to suite the needs and demand of the environment the storage device is being deployed in.

Deployment and configuration of network management tools, such as Advent Net’s OpManager and OpUtils to monitor the performance of critical systems and workstations via SNMP.

Integration of Windows and Linux environments with a single signon authentication mechanism and file sharing

Development of the Support Website for new and returning students pertaining to using the new systems as well as support sites for undergraduate courses and their material. Courses include, “Introduction to database systems”, “Introduction to high performance computing”, “Introduction to operating systems”.

Co-authored the security & usage policy manual for students and staff as part of the IT governance and compliance plan.

2002-February 2006 | Lebanese American University | Beirut

Instructor - Part Time Faculty


Teaching courses to staff and students as a trainer, teaching assistant, and an instructor. Topics included Introduction to Web Design and Development, Computer Proficiency for Engineers and Introduction to Computing an overview of the field of Computer Science


1984 - 1996 Collège Notre Dame Jamhour French Baccalaureate
1996 - 199 American University of Beirut -
1999 - 2002 Lebanese American University BS Computer Science
2002 - 2006 Lebanese American University MS Computer Science
Thesis Topic: Transaction management in mobile environment – Advisor Dr. Ramzi Haraty.


- Masters Program Full Assistantship - Lebanese American University - 2002 - 2006


Spoken Written Read
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
French Very Good Excellent Excellent
Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent


Lots of sports activities including hiking tennis and football, as well as penchant for Astrophysics and History.


References available upon request